In Abu Dhabi, worker sues large compensation for injury

In the UAE capital, a worker who was injured on the job will receive large compensation.

In Abu Dhabi, a worker who was injured on the job will be paid compensation in the amount of 150 thousand dirhams. It is specified that the man had to have his arm amputated after it got stuck in the meat grinder.

The court found the employer guilty of negligence and failure to observe proper safety measures in the workplace and ordered to pay compensation for physical and material damages. As a result of the accident, the worker lost the ability to perform some of his duties.

Earlier UAE authorities warned managers and company owners of serious penalties for violations of safety in the workplace. For example, workplaces cannot be used for storing materials, equipment or debris.

Companies must protect their employees from industrial injuries, hazards and occupational diseases. There must be enough space around machines to allow workers to move freely. In addition, objects should not be allowed to fall on employees’ heads.

Potholes as well as stagnant water must be avoided. All fire-fighting equipment must be in working order and fire and emergency exits must be clearly marked.

Fines and up to five years in prison await the employer in the event of injury or death due to employee negligence.

In August of this year, a company employee at Jebel Ali Industrial Park was left disabled when a forklift ran over him. He sustained injuries to his leg and hip. The Dubai Civil Court ordered the company to pay 200,000 dirhams in compensation to the victim.

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